Firewing Photography

Dodging the Crowds, Burning in the Streets

“Bent,” Maryland, 2010 Do You Bend?  Do you bend but never break? Is there a shoulder for your crying, where you cry, but gather strength? Do your teardrops rise above you, like a cloud ‘fore summer storms? When they step upon you, dear one do…

Do You Bend?

“Bar / Caffè at the entrance to Piazza San Marco,” San Marco, Venezia, Italy, September 2016 I will use this photo to hammer home a point we’ve been making on our Art website,, for some time: black and white photography is relatively easy. In…

Bar/Caffè à la Frank

Here’s my 21-photo entry to this week’s photo challenge — Green. I have a cheat code: I have a lot of my favorite shots sorted by color, thanks to my wife. Here’s a selection from the green gallery (not green and pink or green and…

It IS Easy Being Green!



“A View of Lower Manhattan from the 86th Floor, showing the Flatiron Building (lower center) and One World Trade (upper center),” Empire State Building, New York City, October 2015 “Woman checks 86th Floor Selfie,” Empire State Building, New York City, October 2015 “Mid-town Manhattan,” Empire…

Atop the Empire State Building



“Fifth Avenue Princess,” NYC, New York, October, 2015. Even future Wall Street tycoons get to be pretty sometimes. Be you; everything else is a cheap imitation.

5th Avenue Princess

People and cell phones beneath the Verizon sign, Grand Central Terminal, New York City, October 2015 When I’m shooting, I am rarely an artist. Indeed, I can go so far as to say that the creation of an art piece rarely rises to the surface…

The Art of the Mundane