Firewing Photography

Dodging the Crowds, Burning in the Streets

Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, California, September 2016. Two of the flowers in the back are grumpy. Nature doesn’t like sad flowers.

Flower Tops



Yesterday, on one of the very few venues that I continue to post my photography, I received a comment that was perhaps well intentioned, but which I took as dire criticism. On a photo of a homeless man sleeping on a church’s steps (instead of…




“Christmas Eve,” Digital Oil Painting over photograph, January 2018

Christmas Eve

The Salesforce Tower (formerly the Transbay Tower) looms like a 1,070-foot pickle over San Francisco’s financial district. London did it bigger and better, so eh. Still, on the top (61st) floor, you likely get a lovely view of SF’s 41 hills. That’s 6 hills for…

The Pickle in the Background



Transamerica Pyramid in Silhouette, San Francisco, California, September 2017. It’s no longer the tallest or most impressive building in SF’s financial district–that title probably goes to the Salesforce (Pickle) Tower that looms much larger, but it is still a unique bit of architecture.

Transamerica Pyramid



I’m not certain how often I’ll be posting on this blog, for a number of reasons: 1. It was never intended to be an ongoing project, more a place to store my portfolio. 2. That’s become moot because I’ve done my portfolio in a different…

Blank & Blank



“Embrace on the Boardwalk,” Friends embrace after the 2015 Brighton Pride Parade, Brighton, UK, August 2015




“Beach Blues,” South Beach, Miami Beach, Florida, Jan. 2016 “Woman Crossing with Blue Canopies,” South Beach, Miami Beach, Florida, Jan. 2016 “Cloudy Day on South Beach,” South Beach, Miami Beach, Florida, Jan. 2016 “Beach Blues 2,” South Beach, Miami Beach, Florida, Jan. 2016 “White, Blue,…

South Beach Blues

“Rising Above Rosslyn,” A plane climbs from take-off at Reagan National Airport in Virginia, above construction in Rosslyn, Virginia, March 2017

Rising Above Rosslyn