Firewing Photography

Dodging the Crowds, Burning in the Streets

I’m not certain how often I’ll be posting on this blog, for a number of reasons: 1. It was never intended to be an ongoing project, more a place to store my portfolio. 2. That’s become moot because I’ve done my portfolio in a different…

Blank & Blank



“Embrace on the Boardwalk,” Friends embrace after the 2015 Brighton Pride Parade, Brighton, UK, August 2015




“Beach Blues,” South Beach, Miami Beach, Florida, Jan. 2016 “Woman Crossing with Blue Canopies,” South Beach, Miami Beach, Florida, Jan. 2016 “Cloudy Day on South Beach,” South Beach, Miami Beach, Florida, Jan. 2016 “Beach Blues 2,” South Beach, Miami Beach, Florida, Jan. 2016 “White, Blue,…

South Beach Blues

“Rising Above Rosslyn,” A plane climbs from take-off at Reagan National Airport in Virginia, above construction in Rosslyn, Virginia, March 2017

Rising Above Rosslyn

“The Inside of Trees,” Washington, DC, November 2015. A photo of the outside of said tree is below. Secrets: a hollow tree looks the same from within as without.    

The Inside of Trees

“Great Egret and Great Blue Heron,” C&O Canal, Potomac, Maryland, April 2017 “The Blues,” Great Blue Heron, C&O Canal, Potomac, Maryland, April 2017

The Blues & My Great (R)egret



“Bird of (but not In) Paradise,” National Mall, Washington, DC, April 2017 It bugs the hell out of me how blurry the low-resolution WordPress shot is, but what can you do?

Bird of Paradise

“Woman with Camera and Tablet,” Washington, DC, March 2017 “Woman Checking Photos with Her Tablet,” Washington, DC, March 2017 The two candid shots are of a lady I encountered near the Lincoln Memorial who asked if I would take a photo of her with her…




Random shots from our street photography holiday in Venice and Rome. These are from Canneregio, San Marco, La Guidecca, and Castello in Venice. Hopefully, we’ll have more to show soon from our almost constant Wanderlust.    




“Skies Aren’t Always Blue,” Sky Reflected in Windows Using Polarizing & UV Filters, 14th Street, NW, Washington, DC, April 2017

Skies Aren’t Always Blue

“Not a Dolphins Fan,” A dog shows off his red hoodie as his owners play Pokemon, FDR Memorial, Washington, DC, March 2017

Dog in Red Hoodie

“Dandelions and House with Bricked Window,” Kingman Park, Washington, DC, April 2017 The dandelion’s pallid tube Astonishes the grass, And winter instantly becomes An infinite alas. — Emily Dickinson


“Crossing E Street, NE,” Washington, DC, April 2017

The Beegles

“IDK. IDC. IDGAF.” Man with Evening Sun, Chinatown, Washington, DC, April 2017 Some photo titles just write themselves. To me, this photo illustrates one of the principles of street photography (and I said principles not rules). That is, if you shoot using the same process…