Getting a Light


Often, street photography is seeing what’s about to happen. More often, it’s the result of continuing to move, keeping on top of the situation by moving your body instead of the zoom feature on the lens. In this sequence, we were walking through the streets of Rome when I saw a woman, standing next to a priest, digging in her purse .
1-100t9037“Smokers,” Roma, Italy, September 2016

I snapped an interim photo of a passerby (man on the left), then managed to click her again as I passed the woman and priest. The priest offered her a light. Finally, a closing shot (my favorite of the three) after we’d passed by. All these were taken as we walked, which is why no one is paying attention to me.

1-100t9039-1“Priest Offers a Light,” Roma, Italy, September 2016

1-100t9040“Woman and Priest Smoke,” Roma, Italy, September 2016

On the street, people only notice what’s different, and then only for an instant.