Old Beauty


1-100t8229-1-002“Old Beauty with purple tones,” Lido, Venezia, September 2016. Two people sit in a Citroën.

The purple tones in this shot could be seen in the base shot; I emphasized them by boosting saturation to show the mood. What’s important to note is that what the camera showed in the unaltered shot was not what I saw with my eyes, and neither matched what the scene looked like through my sunglasses. When editing, I try to show what I felt when I took the shot rather that some false notion of “truth.” There is no photo truth. We humans see only a portion of visible light, and I, for instance, have few blue cones in my retinas, so I don’t see as much blue as Maria or my camera. What is, photographically, should be at the artist’s discretion, not some notion written by an unimaginative photographer 50 years ago.

To see the unedited shot and more on this notion of editing, see my post on Raw, Naked Art.