Twin Domes



The (almost) twin domes of churches, Santa Maria in Montesanto (1675, left) and Santa Maria dei Miracoli (1681, right, under renovation) as seen from the Piazza del Popolo, Roma, Italy, September 2016. The names of the churches relate both are dedicated to the Holy Mother (Saint Mary of Miracles) with Montesanto referring to the Holy Mountain (Mt. Carmel in Israel) and the other dedicated solely to the Virgin Mary. The Piazza del Popolo is the “Square of the People.”1-100t8943-1

The facades of the two churches are similar, and emulate the Pantheon to some extent, but there are differences in the number of windows and in the belfries (not to mention the giant billboard in front of St. Mary of the Miracles.)


View between the twin churches of the start of the Via del Corso, Piazza del Popolo, Roma, Italy

1-100t8945-1There is no truth to the rumor that the title “Twin Domes” is in any way related to the young woman in the foreground of the two bottom photos. That’s just a coincidence.