Little WU Chinese Restaurant


1-dsc_8725a“Little WU,” West End, London, December 2013.

In working a photo project on color photography, I’ve been experimenting with a number of color profiles, most being digital representations of popular films. In so doing, I’ve discovered, to my surprise, that I “see” in Kodachrome. That is to say, in photos like this one, which my Nikon interpreted poorly and spat out a too dark “print,” when I’ve plugged in my Kodachrome 64 profile, what pops out is like the above, which is precisely what I saw when I took the shot. Interesting, but not surprising, probably, as it was my film of choice back in the (spit) analog days. I also like the more subdued Ektachrome (slide film) tones, with its almost equally luminous reds and yellows, but despite Kodak’s recent announcement that they’ll be re-releasing Ektachrome film, I’ll leave my Minolta X700 retired and stick with digital.

Did I mention analog sucks? It sucks–not as much as black and white, but close. Sadly, analog cameras are MUCH better than digital ones.