Woman in Cap


1-3-22-09-dc-n-363crop_plat-a“Woman in hat,” Monochrome “Instagram” version, Washington, DC, 2009

1-3-22-09-dc-n-363a“Woman in hat,” as shot, Washington, DC, 2009

Anyone who’s read some of my posts on Raw Naked Art probably knows I’m not a big fan of black and white photography and why. Here, you can decide for yourself. I’ve taken the shot above and made 2 edits. The first is a mildly contrasty monochrome version, the likes of which fly proudly in the Instagram domain (of which I’m also not a fan). In the other, I corrected the color and contrasts to eliminate glare. If you like drama, perhaps you’ll like the first one. If you are a fan of life, perhaps you’ll notice and like the fact that she’s color-coordinated with her family member and that her face is more than a weather-worn prop for some shooter’s camera. She’s grandma, she’s family, she’s seen stuff and we get to see her as real and alive.

I don’t shoot mannequins, but that’s me.