Littlehampton, West Sussex, UK (11 Photos)


Given the size of my photo backlog and the fact that I’ve recently changed (dramatically) which photos I intend to use, I’m starting to post multiple rather than simply single shots. I am working my way up to creating projects of my work to date, as single photos don’t resonate the way I’d like. As such, here are shots from my series on Littlehampton, UK, all taken in July 2014. It is meant to be more than a travelog (there isn’t much to see there beyond the rocky stretch of beach). Rather, it’s an attempt to show some local colour among the ennui of daily life there.

I must confess that while I love the UK (especially London, where I should have been born, fam) I could go the remainder of my life without seeing Lillipuke again (as my wife, Maria, and I affectionately call it). Here’s hoping that either you can’t tell that from my photos or that you can tell precisely why it’s true.


A view of typical homes, Littlehampton, UK, July 2014. They look substantially more drab in person, but my photo editing removed all of the haze from the air and added contrast sufficient to bring out the rich tones you’d see if you had more colour cones in your retinas. 🙂 (It’s jacked.) What’s missing from the shot is the incessant, horribly irritating cackle of the gulls. Having grown up largely in a Virginia, USA town precisely like Littlehampton (and named, coincidentally, Hampton), I was taken aback by the noise their gulls made, not to mention the pigeons. I’m certain I didn’t sleep a wink the first night, as the window was open due to the non-existence of air conditioning in much of southern England.

1-dscf4445aOn the way to Sainsbury’s, Littlehampton, UK, July 2014. (My wife and I, not the lorry.) This was taken during the mile or so walk to the local food store. When you have a camera and nothing to shoot, shoot the nothing that’s there.

1-dscf4448aSun bathers among the rocks of East Beach, Littlehampton, UK, July 2014. The coast faces, of course, the Channel, with low tide receding a substantial distance (see below). As a result, the water level near the beach is deceptively shallow. The weather was quite nice. Summer in England is the among the nicer autumns I’ve experienced. 🙂

1-dscf4519aLow Tide, East Beach, Littlehampton, UK, July 2014. I used the selective colour feature on my little Fujifilm X20 to bring out the detail of the channel and the sailboats thereon.

1-dscf4527aBlue Morris Minor, Littlehampton, UK, July 2014. Lovely old beauty parked on the street. I had to ask Maria what it was, as I’ve never seen one in the U.S. I’m a fan now. I don’t know this one’s year, but manufacturing ceased in 1972, so it’s aged well in any case.

1-dscf4668aFun Park, Littlehampton, UK, July 2014. I must say, I didn’t see a great deal of fun going on, but this was taken mid-week, mid-day, during school hours.

1-dscf4671aOsca’s Fish and Chips, Littlehampton, UK, July 2014. Featuring Cod & Chips and Mushy or Garden Peas. The uneven spaces around the “-” on the sign still bugs me. (Sorry, former professional editor here.)

1-dscf4754aGiving me the eye, Littlehampton, UK, July 2014. This little lady never took her eyes off me. 🙂 I liked the contrast between her and the rubbish man, so I used this shot rather than a more conventional one.

1-dscf4766aEast Beach Railroad, Littlehampton, UK, July 2014. Okay, perhaps not a genuine one, but you get the drift. Walking is for photographers, apparently.

1-dscf4804aFish and Chips for takeaway, East Beach, Littlehampton, UK, July 2014. This was pretty good food, as far as beach fare goes. If you’re going to blow 1,000 to 1,500 calories, a good order of fish and chips is the way to go.

1-dscf4719Rolling, East Beach, Littlehampton, UK, July 2014. As it enjoys comparatively mild weather, the south coast is, not surprisingly, a pretty favorable place for Brits to retire. The boardwalk on the beach was frequented by the elderly on these vehicles, some of whom I’m convinced were holding secret drag races. This old gent is wearing the official uniform of old men everywhere: khaki or beige trousers, an inappropriately long-sleeved shirt, shoes he likely once wore to work, and a hat of some sort, in this case, the increasingly popular ball cap I assume the British have unabashedly stolen from the U.S.

More shots to come, taken from downtown Littlehampton and across the Arun River to West Beach. I hope you tune in.