Rockville Metro Station


1-27-feb-2011-no-002Rockville Metro, Rockville, Maryland, 2014

I’m posting this black and white shot mainly because my wife likes it, as I seem to have temporarily lost the ability to like any of my b&w shots. This one has shapes she likes, and I see, like, some rectangles and a sort-of trapezoid, but otherwise, my conscious brain is unqualified to do that mental math (those mental maths?). Fortunately, no good shooter uses his/her conscious brain in street work in the first place. You look, click, then think about it after you see the shot. Sometimes, you click simultaneously with (or before) looking. I liked the guy in the hat (click) and the angular line of people he was in. Oh. I already snapped that. Cool.

That’s how my brain works. Composition is what happens while we are waiting for something to happen–much like life.