Beauty, Deconstructed


“Beauty, Deconstructed,” Hampton High School, Hampton, Virginia, 1976.

Here’s another old photo I’ve re-edited. This one I decided to turn into an art piece, since it’s one of my first “favorite” shots. I took this one while in high school at age 17. If you’re interested, her name was Ladonne, and we were studying in the school library at the time. No, she wasn’t my girlfriend. I was just a pest with a camera, same as now, thus the look she’s giving me. 🙂

Don’t worry, I got this look a million times, almost always followed by a smile that I wouldn’t capture because film was expensive. Oh well, things change with digital, don’t they? We devalue each shot, and sometimes lose that “preciousness” because of it –as in a random photo of a pretty, teenage girl of 16 who’s now in her late 50s–because we can take shots for almost free until the camera breaks. Going though my old shots is teaching me a lot about photography that I’d forgotten along the way. One of those is to treat each click as something that won’t die for 40 or 50 years. If the shot isn’t worth living that long, it’s not worth taking.

I won’t forget again.