Blank & Blank


I’m not certain how often I’ll be posting on this blog, for a number of reasons: 1. It was never intended to be an ongoing project, more a place to store my portfolio. 2. That’s become moot because I’ve done my portfolio in a different way and re-edited many of these shots. 3. Most of the people who visited my real photography blog didn’t follow this one before I started posting on it, and only a dozen or so folks visit regularly (at least a few of whom don’t actually look at the photos they ‘like’).

I’m still taking tons of photos, but I’m more thinking in terms of exhibition or publication than blogging. People aren’t that into street photography and those who are don’t stop by WordPress. I tried Instagram, but I hated almost all of the work there, and left. So, I’ll probably post here hither and yon, when I’m bored, but stick to my daily Twitter posts as far as photography is concerned.

In any case, here are some combinations I’ve put together while looking at how a potential book/exhibition might be structured. When you have tens of thousands of shots to whittle down to less than a few hundred, you begin to think less about what you like and more about what and what look appealing when displayed together. I (with my wife’s invaluable help) must sort through the different alternatives. Here are a few, by way of illustration.

“Audrey and Lin: Tiffany’s and Noodles,” Washington, DC

“Audrey and Hooded Man,” Washington, DC and NYC

“Tiffany’s and Piccadilly,” Washington, DC and London.

“Hooded Men,” London, NYC

‘Pink Bag and Pride,” Piazza Spagna, Rome and Brighton, UK

“Pink Skirt and Pink Bag,” Chinatown Washington, DC, and Rome, Italy

“Tunnels,” Washington, DC and Venice, Italy