In short, I don’t license my photos.

I am sorry, but because many of my photographs contain recognizable images of people, some of whom I don’t have model releases for, I cannot and will not allow my photos to be used. Use of people’s faces, without consent, for any endeavor that implies their endorsement is illegal and can result in my being sued. Since I cannot control how my photos are used, I do not allow their use. Similarly, as I don’t have time to track this stuff, I find it easier just to prohibit the use of any photos.

Thank you for your understanding.

Copyright © 1978-2016 by William E. Jones, Jr. All rights reserved. No use of any photographs, poems, or stories permitted in any form without the express, written consent of the copyright holder.

Please DO NOT use my photographs for any purpose, or on any website, except via WordPress’s “Repost” feature. Thank you.